How to Send an Intake form to your Client

You can send Intake forms to your client through the Jituzu Client Portal when you have:

  • My Clients Plus
  • Jituzu Client Portal subscription
  • Your client has created a Client Portal account

In My Clients Plus, select the templates from the template library that you wish to use:  How to Select Progress Notes Templates

Once you have set up your Jituzu Client Portal subscription and your client has set up their Jituzu Client Portal account:  Client Portal and Telehealth

To send an Intake form to a client, click on Clients at the top, and choose the client.

Click on Manage Intake Forms:

Click on the drop down box and select the form you wish to send to the Client Portal:

Select the Intake form, name it and give it a description.  Click Save to send to Client in the Jituzu Client Portal:

You do have the option to delete the Intake form request if you catch it before the client completes it:

The system will email the client at the email address associated with their Jituzu Client Portal account, that they have a new Jituzu Inbox message.   In the Jituzu Client Portal, the client will receive an Inbox Message letting them know they have received a form.  The client must be logged into Jituzu on an internet browser to fill out the intake form.   The client can click on the form, complete it and click Submit.

Once the client has submitted the Intake form, it can be seen by the provider in Progress Notes.