Telehealth Instructions - For Clients

Telehealth Instructions for Clients

The first step in secure Telehealth with your health care provider is to create your Jituzu Client Portal.

Setting Up Your Client Portal - for Clients

What equipment do I need?

You can access your Client Portal account and/or use Telehealth from either a computer or a mobile device.

For Telehealth, you will need:

  • An external or internal integrated microphone
  • An external or internal integrated camera
  • An internet connection on your computer or 4G/LTE/Wifi connection on your mobile device.

What browser should I use on a computer?

Firefox or Chrome are used for Telehealth on a computer.

Telehealth from a computer or laptop

In your Client Portal account, any upcoming teleconferences will be listed in your menu bar once your health care provider has designated an appointment as a video conference.  Log into your Client Portal shortly before your appointment and you will see options for:

  • Videoconference
  • Video Conference Checklist

Click on Video Conference Checklist to verify your connections on a computer:

Once you have verified all your connections, click Close and then click on Videoconference.  Another screen will pop up where you can Preview My Camera.  

After previewing your Camera, click on Join Session.  Your video status will say "CONNECTED" once you are ready to go.

Once your health care provider has joined you, you will see their picture as the primary picture and their status will change to CONNECTED.

Telehealth from a mobile device

To access your teleconference with your health care provider:

  • Download Jituzu from the app store (iOs or Android).
  • Click on the appointment on the calendar
  • On the right side of the appointment detail, you will see a green camera icon.  Click on this icon.
  • You will see a picture of yourself and Connect in the lower right corner (or a blue camera icon in the lower left corner).  Click on this.
  • When your healthcare provider connects also, you will see their picture.
  • You can Mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon in the center bottom of the video, and you can disconnect by clicking the X in the top left corner above your video.

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