Telehealth FAQs

I added a Client Portal subscription, but I can't mark an appointment as a teleconference.  What do I do?

In the Jituzu Client Portal, the client must set up their Client Portal account before the provider can schedule an appointment.

You can check the status of the Client Portal by clicking on Clients.  There is a Portal column in the Client List in Jituzu that gives you the client status.  

  • No - this means the client is not connected and no Client Portal invitation has been sent.
  • Pending - this means a client portal invitation has been sent but the client has not yet responded and set up their account
  • Active - this means the client has set up their client portal account and the provider can now schedule teleconferencing appointments with this client.

I want to send a message to my client when I send them the Client Portal Invitation, how do I do that?

Once you have set up your Jiutzu Client Portal subscription, you can add your settings.  In Settings under your Portal tab, you have the option to add a general message to your clients.  This message can be sent to your clients at the time you send the Client Portal Invitation.

When you select this as an option and have included the message you wish to send to your client, click save.

When you subsequently send your clients their Client Portal invitation, you can also send this optional message.  Simply click on Invite to Client Portal and then click on Send New Client Forms.  Your clients will receive both a Welcome email as well as the Client Portal Invitation.

Once a client has set up their client portal account, how should they get to the Telehealth appointment?

Once the client has set up their client portal account and the provider has marked the appointment as a teleconference, we recommend that the client download our Jituzu mobile app and log in.

We highly encourage clients to use the Jituzu mobile app (rather than a browser) if possible.

Videoconference from a mobile device – Clients

  • Download Jituzu from the app store (iOs or Android).
  • Click on the appointment on the calendar
  • On the right side of the appointment detail, you will see a green camera icon.  Click on this icon.
  • You will see a picture of yourself and Connect in the lower right corner (or a blue camera icon in the lower left corner).  Click on this.
  • When your healthcare provider connects also, you will see their picture.
  • You can Mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon in the center bottom of the video, and you can disconnect by clicking the X in the top left corner above your video.

Videoconference from a browser - Clients

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