Setting up your Client Portal

Setting up your Client Portal

The Client Portal subscription is set up through My Account/Subscriptions and Payment and then select the Client Portal subscription.

Most providers and practices set up their Jituzu Website page and then embed a link to their Jituzu website into their current website.  To learn more about creating your Jituzu website, please visit our Jituzu Website Creation Article.  

Once the Jituzu Client Portal subscription is set up, it is time to configure the Client Portal Features.  This is done by clicking on Settings, selecting the practice, selecting the provider on the right, and then clicking on the Portal tab.

Clients can cancel appointments

Providers can set whichever time frame they would like the clients to be able to cancel in advance of the appointment, or they can disallow clients from cancelling appointments through the Client Portal.

Allow Anonymous Signup

If the option for Allow anonymous sign up is checked AND the provider has their Jituzu website link in their existing website, then the client can go to the provider website to access the Jituzu link and click on I'm a New Client and complete an anonymous signup request.  The client will automatically be sent an invitation to the Client Portal so they can sign up for an account.

Allow clients to self-schedule

The provider can control whether a client can self-schedule appointments or not.  If the "Allow clients to self-schedule" box is checked, clients can schedule their own appointments in the Client Portal.  If this box is unchecked, the clients can see their existing appointments and past appointments, but they cannot schedule new appointments.

Max Simultaneous Appointments

This option defaults to 1.  This means that only one appointment for a specific time slot can be scheduled.  This is normal for the healthcare field.  

Max Upcoming Appointments

This allows the provider to limit the number of appointments that the client can schedule.  In this example, the client is allowed to schedule 5 upcoming appointments.  

Require fee prior to scheduling

If the Require fee prior to scheduling box is checked, the provider will be able to enter a Fee amount.  When the client tries to schedule an appointment, the client will be directed to Bill Pay to pay online prior to scheduling.  The provider must have a Client Portal subscription and a Merchant account with Jituzu.


The Configure client sign-up form is used when the provider has checked the box for Allow anonymous signup.  Client Intake is only used in conjunction with Anonymous Signup.  

The provider can configure which information to collect from clients that sign up anonymously through their website. 

They can also Enable fields, Require fields and add Custom fields.  Click Save changes when completed.

If the provider has allowed Anonymous signup AND has a My Clients Plus account, they can configure a My Clients Plus Progress Note Intake form to be a part of the anonymous signup.  The Intake form must be selected in My Clients Plus Progress Notes, prior to selecting it in the Portal configuration.  

Send email greeting

If Send email greeting is checked, the provider can create an email greeting that will be automatically sent to clients who sign up anonymously for the Client Portal.  Attachments can be added to the email greeting but they should not contain any PHI.

If the client is invited to the Client Portal by the provider (not coming through Anonymous Signup), the email greeting can still be sent by clicking on Send New Client Forms.

Client Portal Setup Video

Client Portal Pre-Pay Setting