Reminders Setup

Reminders Setup

There is a Wizard (Compass icon) in the upper right corner of your account. This wizard will walk the user through the setup process for Reminders.

To begin, the account must have a payment method on file and a Reminders Subscription.  The payment method and subscription are set up through My Account and then Subscriptions and Payment.

Click on the Compass icon in the upper right corner and select Reminders Help.  Once a payment method and a subscription have been added, there will be two green checks on the Reminders Help list.

For the initial setup, click on the link for Review client phone numbers.  This will take you to Reports and then Reminder Setup.  

Providers can select a default setting such as "Set all clients to use reminder phone for their reminder phone", or they can select a specific phone number for each client.   Click Save Reminder Phones at the bottom.

After the Reminder Setup is complete, go back to the Wizard and click on Reminders Help again.  A check mark will indicate that Reminder phone numbers are set up.

We recommend that you click on Settings and then Reminders to update the provider Reminder Settings prior to changing the Reminders status to Now Running.

  • Phone # - This field is only required if voice reminders are used.  If only text reminders are used, then this field can be blank.
  • Preferred Reminder Method - At the provider level, a default of either text or Phone call can be selected.  
  • Default time reminders are sent before appointment -  This determines when the reminders are sent out.  Options vary from 30 minutes to 6 days in advance of the appointment time.
  • Do Not Disturb Window - A specific time frame can be selected to block reminders and FYIs from going out.  An example might be: Do not contact before 9 a.m. and Do not contact after 9 p.m.  
  • Enable the sending of FYIs - FYI's allow the provider to communicate with the client about upcoming appointments.  FYI's are additional reminders, but they do not allow for confirmation.   FYI's can be used in two ways:

As Soon As I Enter an Appointment - This is used much like an appointment card.  If this option is selected, the client will get a reminder when the appointment is added to the calendar.  

Reminder for appointments that are scheduled further out - Options ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months in advance of the appointment can be selected.  This option is typically used for those clients that have appointments that are scheduled well in advance, when it would be helpful to remind them that an appointment is scheduled.   

  • Text Reminder Template - The text that is used in the Reminder can be edited.  Click on View Example to see what the reminder will look like to the client.  Click on "27 to cancel" to remove the option to cancel an appointment from the appointment reminder.
  • Voice Message Template - The text that is sent in the voice message may be edited here.  A message can also be recorded and used.  Click on "press 2 to cancel your appointment" to remove the option to cancel an appointment from the appointment reminder.  The client must wait until the end of the message to press 1 to confirm the appointment.  If they do not wait until the end of the message, the message will be cut off and the confirmation option will not recorded.

Click Save Reminder Preferences when changes have been completed.

Individual Client preferences for Reminders can be set in Clients by selecting the client, then clicking on the Reminders & Portal tab.

To Start Reminders, go to Calendar and click on Reminders Paused above the Calendar.   

Click on the green circle with the arrow to enable Reminders and FYIs.

Here is short introductory video for Reminder Setup.