What are FYI's?

What are FYI's?

FYI's allow the provider to communicate with the client about upcoming appointments.  FYI's are additional reminders, but they do not allow for confirmation.

 FYI's can be used in two ways:

  • As Soon As I Enter an Appointment - This is used much like an appointment card.  If this option is selected, the client will get a reminder when the appointment is added to the calendar.  FYI's do not allow for confirmation.
  • Reminder for longer term appointments - Options ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months in advance of the appointment can be selected.  This option is typically used for those clients that have appointments that are scheduled well in advance, when it would be helpful to remind them that an appointment is scheduled.   FYI's do not allow for confirmation.

FYI's require a valid payment method on file and a Reminders subscription.  

FYI's are configured through the Reminders tab in Settings.  To see how to configure FYI's please view:  Reminder Setup.