Syncing Accounts for My Clients Plus Users

Syncing your Jituzu account to your My Clients Plus Account

This resource is for those users who have set up their My Clients Plus and Jituzu accounts separately.

To sync your JItuzu account to your My Clients Plus account, log into your Jituzu account.

Go to My Account and then Manage Connection:

  • Choose billing system - select My Clients Plus
  • Choose practice - select your practice
  • Choose provider - select the provider
  • Remote Username - enter the My Clients Plus username
  • Remote Password - enter the My Clients Plus password
  • Click on Synchronize with Remote System

  • On the next screen, click on the radio button next to the appropriate provider.
  • Click on Synchronize with My Clients Plus.

When you have successfully synchronized the Jituzu account with the My Clients Plus account, you will get a Congratulations!

Successfully synchronizing means that client demographics that are entered in either My Clients Plus or Jituzu will be automatically updated in both systems.