Getting Started with Jituzu

Getting Started with Jituzu

At the core of any successful business is the ability to schedule appointments and communicate with their clients.  Now you can make communicating with your client easier for both of you with the Jituzu mobile app using Appointment Reminders and Client Portal.


Calendar - The calendar can be used in an individual or group setting.  It gives real time updates from the Reminder App, Type of service labeling, set recurring appointments, search options and color coding.

Reminders - You can communicate via text messages or automated voice reminders to confirm status. It updates your calendar live to indicate if they have confirmed or canceled an appointment.  Reminders also includes a Waitlist as well as FYI's (On book reminders and long term reminders).

Client Portal - Let new clients create their own private account, schedule an initial appointment, and receive a customized email from you with any required forms attached. When they first log in, they'll be prompted to complete your required profile information so you don't have to enter it later. 

Video Conferencing/Telehealth - This feature is a free part of our client portal service, and works entirely within your web browser or our mobile apps. You could also conference from the web or iOs mobile device, while your client uses a mobile device.

Jituzu Website - Your public website brings new patients to your practice and offers a professional appearance to new and existing patients. For larger organizations with web developers, we offer embeddable software components that make it a breeze to add a client portal to your own website.   Both you and your patients log on to Jituzu using your own customized web site. 

Credit Card Processing - We offer the ability for you to have your own credit card merchant account, enabling you to easily accept credit card payments from your clients. 

Mobile App - Whether you are the client or the provider we can help you stay in touch and keep your time organized, all from a secure HIPAA-compliant environment

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There are two ways to use Jituzu:

Once the provider account(s) are set up, they can be configured for any desired subscriptions and settings.

Subscriptions:  Adding Subscriptions

Configure your account:  Configuring your Account

Set up a Merchant Account:  Setting up a Merchant Account

Please join us for our Getting Started with Jituzu live webinar.  Sign up here:

You can also view a pre-recorded webinar at:  Getting Started with Jituzu