How to Send Client Payment Link

Accepting Anonymous Client Payments

Jituzu, powered by My Clients Plus, now offers a way for providers to email an invoice to Clients and allow them to pay their balances online by credit card (without a Client Portal).


  1. You must have a Merchant Account set up through Jituzu.  If you would like to sign up for a Jituzu Merchant Account through Vantage, click here:  Setting up a Jituzu Merchant Account
  2. The client must have an email address on file in Jituzu.
  3. The client must have a balance due from My Clients Plus.

When a client makes a payment anonymously, you'll receive a Jituzu Inbox message, the payment will show in the Jituzu Client Transactions, and the payment will be applied to the corresponding session(s) in My Clients Plus.

Lets get started:  

To send invoices to clients via email, just click on the Clients button at the top of Jituzu, then select your client by clicking on the blue last name.

When you are on the clients Contact Information screen, click the button that says "Send Invoice Emails" at the top. Note, if the client does not have an email on file, this button will not be present. Simply add the email under the Contact tab, save the client, then come back and you will see the button. 

Select the invoices you would like to send to a client, then click the blue Send button. 

When you're done, click Close. 

The client will receive an email from with a link for the invoice. (Note, the email will say the name of the practice.)

When they click the link in the email, a special anonymous payment screen will pop up, and they can enter a card number, exp. date, name, and address, then click "Send payment". 

Once the payment is successful, they will see a screen letting them know the transaction succeeded. 

No credit card information is stored through this payment option, and once paid, the client will not be able to access the payment prompt for the invoice again.