Processing Client Credit Cards with Jituzu Merchant Account

Processing Client Credit Cards with Jituzu Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are set up through Jituzu.  Credit card charges can be made directly from Jituzu, or if you also have a My Clients Plus account that is synchronized to your Jituzu account, you can run credit card transactions from My Clients Plus.

To set up a Jituzu Merchant Account, go to My Account and then "Set up Credit Card Payments".  Click on New Merchant Account Application to begin.

Once a Merchant Account is set up, you can process credit card payments in a number of ways:

  • In Jituzu directly, from Clients
  • In My Clients Plus, from the Client Session / Paid at Session or from the Balances Due You report

From Jituzu directly:

To process a credit card payment from Jituzu directly, click on Clients and select the client.  On the right side of the screen, you will see the credit card processing.  

  • Enter the Amount of the charge
  • Choose if you are entering a new payment method or using an existing payment method
  • If you have the client email address in the Jituzu Client Contact, it will automatically populate the block to send an email receipt to the client
  • A note may be added to include in the client email receipt.  Please avoid PHI in the client note.
  • A brief note may be added of for the provider report.
  • Click Pay Now.

When entering a NEW payment method, a box will pop up.  Complete the information and click Submit.

To use an Existing Payment Method, simply enter the payment amount, select the appropriate payment method and click Pay Now.  The payment response will pop up when the payment is completed.

NOTE:  If you also use My Clients Plus, and you process the payment in Jituzu directly, you will need to manually post the payment in My Clients Plus.

From My Clients Plus:

There are two ways to process credit card payments in My Clients Plus:

  • From the Client Session / Paid at Session
  • From the Balances Due You report

Client Session / Paid at Session

When you enter sessions in My Clients Plus, or you import your appointments from Jituzu as Client Sessions and edit them, you can process credit card payments from the Client Session.

Enter the amount of the charge in the box next to Paid at Session.  In the next box that says check number, you may enter credit card or leave it blank.  Click on Pay Now when you are ready to charge the credit card.

The popup box will appear once you click on Pay Now.  Click on Pay This in the popup box.  Select to either Enter a New Payment Method or Use Existing Payment Method.  Click Pay Now.

After the credit card charge is made, Save the Client Session in My Clients Plus. 

Balances Due You Report

From the Balances Due You report, under Private Pay from Clients, enter a check mark in the box to the left of the client balance you wish to charge and then click on Charge to Client Credit Card.

A screen will pop up showing the client's name and the charge.  Click on Pay This and then on Pay Now.

Once the payment has been processed a few things will happen:

  • The Transaction approval authorization will be displayed.
  • The payment will be posted to the client's My Clients Plus account.
  • The client session will drop off of the Balances Due You report.

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