Tips and Best Practices for your Merchant Account

Tips and Best Practices to Avoid Chargebacks from Your Clients

There can be, in rare circumstances, chargebacks that are claimed by your clients.  There are some very simple things you can do to reduce the possibility of these charges:

  • Have a clear, signed agreement with the client regarding office policies such as when charges can occur.
  • Run credit card charges for the client on the same day as service.
  • Send an email receipt to the client when the charge is made.
  • Communicate to the client that the charge will show up on their statement as:  VTG*Your DBA Name here.  The DBA name is entered during your application process

To send an email receipt to the client, simply enter their email address in Jituzu Client under Contact.  The email address will automatically populate the email field when processing a credit card transaction:

When a transaction is completed, the client will automatically receive an email that looks like this:

Please note:There is a $20 chargeback fee for each chargeback request by your clients. A chargeback occurs when a client claims they did not approve a card, are not aware of it or it's fraud. This is a very rare occurrence, but it can happen. We have no way around avoiding this fee even if you win the chargeback dispute. The disputed charged amount will be refunded to you, but the chargeback fee is a non-refundable fee from the processors.

If a chargeback does occur, you will be notified via your Jituzu Inbox and given an opportunity to dispute the chargeback with supporting documentation.