Jituzu Security Best Practices

Jituzu Security Best Practices

Security begins with a good password. The most important factor in the strength of a password is it’s length.    All else being equal, a 40 character password will be immeasurably stronger than a 6 character password.  Also, mixing uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters into a password give them the ability to withstand dictionary-like “guessing” attacks by another computer.

  • Make the password long (even a phrase like IloveDogs,buttolerate9cats!)
  • Mix uppercase & lowercase letters
  • Add a special character or number or two

Don’t let your browser save your password.  While this may make it easier for you to log in, it also makes it easier for any unauthorized person who may access your computer, to log in.   It’s also easy to forget your password, and if you use a different browser, you won’t be able to log in.

Alternatively, there are a number of good password manager programs available, that enable you to copy & paste your credentials when you log in. If that’s not a good option for you, just choose a password – or a sentence – that you can remember. Sentences are ideal because they’re long, can contain uppercase & lowercase letters and you can punctuate them easily.

Keep current with anti-virus and operating system updates.  Sure, it can be annoying to pause and download new updates for anti-virus software or Windows/Mac updates, but the reason updates exist, is that new vulnerabilities and attacks have been identified and need to be patched.  In fact, bad guys often create exploits for recently discovered vulnerabilities because they know most people won’t update their software in a timely fashion.  Ignore updates at your peril.

We’ll never ask you for your password or credit card number.  We don’t want to know. It’s your secret.  If someone asks you for your credit card information or Jituzu password, it’s not us. Your passwords or credit card data cannot be retrieved by anyone at Jituzu, not even technical people.