Setting up your Jituzu Website

Setting up your Jituzu Website

To begin setting up your Jituzu Website, you must first set up a Client Portal subscription and add payment. 

Please note that the Jituzu website includes a Practice page that must be set up by the Administrator of the practice.  Administrator privilege is required.  Once the Practice Page is set up, each provider in the practice may set up their page or the Administrator may do it for them.

Once you've entered your subscription, then you may go to Settings and you will see the option to start setting up your Jituzu website.  Click on Settings and then select the Practice.

Below the practice information, you will see the Website Setup for the Practice.  You may customize your website url or you may begin editing your website.

Click to Edit Site

There are 4 different theme options when you start.

Select your Theme and color :

  • Simple
  • Inland
  • Avenue
  • Embedded - This is a stripped down version that is typically used when you are embedding in a Wordpress site.

This is what the same site looks like using the Embedded theme:

Once the theme and color has been selected, you can Hide Themes and begin adding content to the website.  Anywhere there are pictures and red outlined text boxes, you may add content.  When you are done, you may click on the bar at the top to Publish your Practice Website.

The practice name, addresses are all auto-populated from the Settings screen.  The Provider tabs are populated when the provider pages are set up and published.

Once the Practice Page is published, provider website pages can be set up by selecting the provider on the right of the Settings screen and clicking on Site Profile.  

Click to Edit Site under Site Profile for each provider.

The Provider Page carries over the theme from the Practice Page.

A provider photo and text may be added to the Provider Page.  Office Hours is populated by the Hours tab under the Provider in Settings.

Once the Provider Page is published, the provider will appear on the website.

Because this provider is configured for the Client Portal with Anonymous Signup, the website will allow a new client to sign up for the Client Portal by clicking on "I'm a New Client".  

HINT:  If you are viewing your published website on the same browser that you are logged into your Jituzu account, you will continue to see the editing tools such as "Upload a Photo" over the photos and "Edit Mode" in the upper right corner.  If you wish to view your finished published website without editing cues, you may either log out of your Jituzu account or view your website in a different browser.