Managing your Services

Managing your Services

Services are designations that can be given to appointments on the Calendar.  They serve two purposes:

  • For Jituzu only users, it allows them to designate a service.
  • For Jituzu users that also use My Clients Plus, a billing code can be associated with a Service.  And, if the appointment from the Jituzu calendar is imported into My Clients Plus as a client session, the client session will use the associated billing code.

To access Services, click on My Account and then Add/Edit Services.

  • Click on Add a Service.
  • Name the Service.
  • A description may be added, but is optional.
  • Add a billing code if this Jituzu account is connected to a My Clients Plus account.
  • You can mark the Service as "Billable" if you will be importing appointments into My Clients Plus. 
  • Select the desired color of the Service.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Services can only be added or modified by a user with Administrative Privileges.

You can change the color of a Service by clicking on Calendar and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Click on the Service you would like to change and select a different color.

When a service is added to an appointment, the color of the Service will show on the appointment.  Below is an example of a calendar with Services added to some of the appointments.

Only user(s) that have Administrative privileges for the Practice can add or modify Services.   Services are set up for the Practice.