Jituzu Inbox Messaging

Jituzu Inbox Messaging

The Jituzu Inbox is a HIPAA compliant way to connect with your colleagues in the practice and also with your clients.

As you can see below, there are messages from colleagues and clients, and also system notifications regarding client activity.  Because this particular account also has a Client Portal subscription, certain Client Portal activities will generate a System Notification.

New messages may be sent to colleagues, staff or clients.  Simply select either Providers or Clients (if you have a Client Portal subscription and your clients have a client portal account).  Then click on the provider(s) or client(s) you would like to include in the message.

If you mark a message as Urgent AND the provider or client has their mobile number entered in their Profile, Jituzu will send a text message letting the recipient know that they have an Urgent Jituzu Inbox Message.  If the message is not marked as Urgent, Jituzu will send an email to the email address in the recipient's profile letting them know they have a Jituzu Inbox Message.

If the option to MAKE THIS A GROUP CONVERSATION is left at the default of NO, the recipients of the message will NOT see other recipients or the replies of other recipients.

If the option to MAKE THIS A GROUP CONVERSATION is changed to YES, the message is highlighted to let the sender know that this is a group conversation.  Recipients of Group Conversations are able to see ALL Recipients of the message and any replies that are made.  This Group Conversation option is NOT typically used with clients.

Once a message is Sent, it can be seen in the Sent folder.