Managing Privileges

Managing Privileges for Multiple Users

When there are multiple users in a Practice, the user with Administrative privileges can manage the privileges of the other users in the practice.  The first user set up is automatically an Administrative user.  This can be changed, but this is the default.

Privileges are managed in Settings.  Click on Settings and then click on the Practice under Joined With.

As the Administrator, select the Provider or Staff member on the right side and then click on the Privs tab.  Only the Administrator can manage the Privs of other users.

Association With This Practice:

Administrator - This role administrates the practice.

  • Change the Privs of other users
  • Change the subscriptions and payment method of other users
  • Change the Role of other users (provider or staff) 
  • Accept or remove users from the practice
  • Set up the Jituzu Website for the practice
  • Set up a Merchant Account for the practice
  • Set up Services for the practice

Modify Practice Information Allowed - This role can not do any of the Administrator only actions above.

  • Edit practice information such as address, locations etc., in Settings

Join Only (no changes allowed) - This role allows the user to only edit their own information.  They may make no changes to the practice.  

Not Part of This Practice - This is how the Administrator can remove a user from the practice.  

Access to Other Providers Who Are Also Joined To This Practice:

Administrator - Can edit other providers who are joined to the practice, such as subscriptions, calendars and clients.

Modify & Delete - This allows a user to manage other user's calendars and clients.

View Only - This allows a user to see another user's calendar and clients, but they can make no changes.  They can also View Entire Group on the calendar to see all users.

No Access Permitted - This allows a user to see only their calendar.