Managing your Office Hours

Managing your Office Hours

To manage your office hours, go to Settings and then select your practice:

On the right side of the screen, you can select the provider that you would like to edit from the drop down box.  Click on the Hours tab to edit the following:

  • Appointment Color
  • Time Zone
  • Default appointment length 
  • Hours
  • Special Days

Appointment Color - This allows you to change the color of the provider appointment on the calendar.  This is particularly useful for a group practice when viewing the appointments for the entire group on the same calendar view (View Entire Group).

Timezone - This list is pre-populated with the most closely associated time zones based on the country that was selected upon account signup.  

Default appointment length - The default appointment length selected, is used when the provider adds an appointment to the calendar, and also if there is a Client Portal subscription and the client self-schedules an appointment.  The provider can always override the default appointment length when making an appointment.  They can also set a separate default appointment length at the client level for the client, which will override the provider’s default appointment length.

Hours - This is where you can set office hours for the provider.  This impacts the provider calendar, and also the availability of appointments in the Client Portal.  You can choose days, locations and default hours in this screen.

Special Days - You can set Special Days to modify your default office hours, or you can choose to be unavailable the whole time for vacation days or other days off.