Setting Up a Group Practice

Setting up a Group Practice with Jituzu

To set up your Jituzu account, please visit our main website at and click Join Now.

Whether you are a sole provider or a group practice, the first step is to click on "I'm a SERVICE PROVIDER and my business is not registered".  This establishes the company and the first or solo service provider with Jituzu.

There are a couple of check box options for group practices or companies:

  • Staff User - you would check this box if you are an administrator for the practice and will not need a calendar and client list.
  • Group Practice - you would check this box if you will have more than one user joined to this practice or company.

Complete the information and click Submit.   Once the account has been initiated, the administrator (always the person to initiate setting up the Jituzu account) may go to Settings on the green menu bar and name the group or practice.  This name will be used when adding additional staff to the practice.

For subsequent providers to join the practice, click on "I'm a SERVICE PROVIDER and my business is already registered.

Note that there is not a place for subsequent providers to mark that they are staff,  This can be done later by the administrator.  Once the information has  been completed, click Submit.

You will be directed to Member Directory:

  • Enter the name of the company or practice and click Go.
  • The results of the search will be listed below.
  • Click on the appropriate Practice name and a "Send a Connection Request" message will pop up.

When you click Send, the Connection Request will be sent to the Inbox of the administrator of the practice. 

When the administrator of the practice receives the Inbox message, they can click on it and set the privileges for the new provider.

  • Association With This Practice - this affects what users can do with the practice information
  • Access to Other Providers Who are Also Joined To This Practice - this affects what users can do with other provider or staff accounts
  • This Provider is a Staff User - this allows the administrator to mark a new user as Staff.

After the administrator completes the Request to join the practice, the Inbox message will automatically be deleted.  As long as the administrator selected Join Only or Above under Association With This Practice, the user will be joined to the practice.